Trista (minnie) wrote in _____stitched,

Stitch my fist bitch.

.:Name.: Missa
.:Age.: 15, soon to be 16
.:Location.: Westland, Michigan
.:Sex.: Female
.:Sexuality.: Bisexual, but prefer guys.
.:Herritage.: German, and Indian as far as i know.
.:Do or have done any drugs.: I have, not a drug addict tho.
.:What Would Jesus Do.: Um?
.:Do you have any peircings, tattoos, body mods my tounge, my ears 3 times on both sides, my belly button, and soon to have a surface peircing on the back of my neck.
.:5 Bands/Artists.: Marilyn Manson, Twiztid, Slipknot, Matchbook romance, and Mudvayne [ohh yes i know its an odd combo.]
.:Any musicians you despise.: not really a certin name, but the type of "big band" music my grandpa listens to.
.:(fav)Books.: Vampire kisses, i dont remember the author tho.
.:(fav)Person.: My best friend, brad.
.:(fav)Pie.: um. freshly baked home made apple pie.
.:(fav)Movies.: I love both pet Semetarys, Disturbing behavior, um.and loads more.
.:(fav)Candy.: Smarties <3
.:Are you a virgin.: no.
.:What do you think about Juggalos/lettes.: What about them. i love the family.
.:If you could live anywhere in the world, where and why.: Prolly itaily [wow i cant spell for the life of me today.] London, Paris, somewhere romantic like that.
.:What the hell do you think about this draft shit in the U.S..: i hate it.
.:Do you think you're sexy. C'mon, be conceited.: honestly, no. not at all. the only thing i think is sexy/or looks good on me is my eyes, i just love the colors.
.:What decorates your walls.: Pictures, Blankets, posters [mainly blacklight posters]
.:Do you miss the 90's.: i guess?
.:Is a cucumber a fruit or vegetable?.: dont fruits have seeds, and vegetables grow on the ground, so.... um... its a fruitetable!!
.:Any fetishes, we all have some:. i love a person who takes control :-p
+Cam Whoring+
.:Post atleast 3 pictures of your self, make one 100x100
oh huff, i hate my pictures but here it goes...

i love me bear<33
sorry its an ftj picture, i cannot find the one on my computer :[
again, im sorry its an ftj picture, i cannot find the reguar one. :[
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