Everard (everard) wrote in _____starnostar,

LJ cut for Length - Two Poems

"I'm tired of living
I'm in fear
tormented and abused
they will not leave me alone
nothing can stop the tears
and no one can help me
I try to have a say
but no longer believing in myself
I refuse to pray
my life must mean nothing
if no one is willing to help
I try so hard to tell myself
that nothing is wrong
so why does this burden follow me
What did I do wrong?
Why do they hate me?
I'm not that different
but my parents they don't support me
it's been so very long
I'm afraid to go to school
I'm afraid to go home
I have no where to flee
no place to call my own
there is nothing I want more
than to be happy
but this is not for me..."

By Statistics alone, Will anyone ever see these signs of a Teen's Suicide Plea?

She was still young and only 16
but her secrets were too great
and she couldn't keep the pain away
The help she needed was never there
she was alone and very scared
the idea of school
being with her friends
she was never alone
but this girl always feared going home
Her older sister a victim
always made her sad
but there was nothing she could do
and that always made her mad

She suffered at school
even when applied
spent all day with a counsillor
and she watched as this girl cried
The secret remained hidden away
this girl realized her fate one day
The school could not help
there was nothing they could do.

In time of dispute there was no choice
her parents were called
she feared the sound of her mother's voice
in the office she pretended nothing was wrong
and that in her mind her daughter...
was looking for attention all along.

Returning home, increased abuse began
warning and threatening
to keep it within
the poor girl believed
her adult years would never begin.

This occured everday
until she decided she had to go away
Absent from school and away from her friends
Her life was twisted
and her soul could no longer bend.

I recieved a phone call
on a cold windy night
I listened to her voice
no longer in fright
She apologized and cried as I heard every word
not understanding the struggle of her life
I thought I saved her
my words made so much sense...

But the next morning after I rose from my bed
I realized the truth
The girl I had known all my life
A girl who had been such a good friend...
was dead.


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