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name: Sarah <3
location: Sterling Heightsss!
gender: Female

color: Hot pink and blue.. I know all girly and stuff but oh well..
band: Incubus, Old green day, the doors, H.I.M, ICP...Lmao juggalettes Ida!
song: Your sweet 666 by H.I.M and Pardon me and stellar by Incubus
store: Pac sun and hot topic
food: Popsicals
item of clothing: Tie between shoes, hats, and shirts

Bush- Is bad.. he started a lot of trouble that coulda been avoided
abortions- Its the parent or the fetus's choice
Same Sex Marriage- Is fine.. if people are in love they should be able to be together
Drugs- Make me happyyy
Porn- haha all i have to say is Guys gone wild (ida knows what im talking about)

tell us about something you are passionate about: Music and relationships.. the glue of the world
why you want to be in this community: Because.. OH MY GOD ITS IDAS COMMUNITY!
promote in 3 places & provide links: My LJ...

A community im in...

And yet another community!
pictues (at least 2)

okeyy dokeyy Here we go!


One of me..


Im in the middle... Skanklicous! haha..



<33 Sarah


p.s. sorry for taking so long to fill it out! i havnt been on!



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