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wars of emotion

A momentary time of silence
created through disbelief
sparked by a rumor
how did this heart bleed
such a simple tale
brought by spoken words
a heart that was once warm
now remains shattered in the cold
The Expression on her face
could be carved out of glass
there is nothing left to live for
constantly haunted by the past.
But if you can't see the future
is it really worth to dream
when you travel through the darkness
become blinded by the light
never try to vision it
the horror can always wait
I believed in happiness
at a very young age
I had the look of innocence
with the dirty blond hair
I never thought she would see
that even after 7 years
I finally know a girl who thinks like me
living through the torture
surviving all the lies
I changed myself too deeply
turned to the darkness of the night
at one time it was a creation
remembered from a dream
now my conscious and sub-conscious collide
and there is no place for my heart to hide....


You may be heartbroken
you may feel unbelievable pain
but your heart must smile
before the smile on your face is true
you need to find someone you deserve
someone who will know how to treat you

Is it considered unconditional love
this seems to be a burden to some
(And) now the angels cry
leaving me to ask the question...why?
maybe the feelings go away
love should never be a game.

(But) why do few treat it like a game
human emotion should never be betrayed
(And) when your heart is crushed
and your soul is torn
your personality must always stay the same
leave those who treat love simply as a game.

They lose out on something true
the respect, the care and the love from you
Don't feel sad, don't feel shame
don't shed a tear or weep in the night
There is a person out there for you
and everything will be alright...

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