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Application for community


name: John Baker aka Everard
age: 23 turning 24 April 30th
location: Toronto Ontario Canada
gender: Male (last time I checked)

color: black ( debated colour )
band: Industrial band Feindflug
song: Grossenwahn (no one would know it)
store: Electronic Boutique (video games)
food: McDonalds
item of clothing: My Cargo Vest

Bush- Follows what he believes - if right or wrong
abortions- Should be woman's choice, but many use it as an excuse
Same Sex Marriage- I have gay friends and most of their relationships last longer than straight ones
Drugs- A way to unwind, as long as not hard drugs and not used all the time
Porn- A good way to relieve stress ;P

tell us about something you are passionate about: Writing, I am always writing stories or poetry - poetry on a daily basis, and I am passionate about the wellfare of my friends
why you want to be in this community: I saw the link one of the members left in another community and felt I could add interest with my writing.

promote in 3 places & provide links: Will promote here :strawburygashes, gothlovin and darkramblings
pictues - two pics of me:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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