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Stress & Weight Management Camp

Hey everyone,


I get this very interesting and reprieving solution for our stress and weight problems. Stress & Weight Management - the yoga way is a 2 day workshop for stress & weight difficulties, which is been organized by The Yoga Institute. It gets us acquainted about Asanas, Pranayama, Kriyas, Relaxation Techniques, Diet plan for stress & weight management specifically and many more.


With this exciting news, all the Yoga & Health lovers are welcome to:

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Name: Suzie

Age: 16

Location: Nebraska

What Makes You Sexxi?: I despise those who judge or discriminate against others. No matter the circumstances. I like being an individual and following my own heart and my own dreams, and I greatly support others who do the same.

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Name: Molly

Age: 16

Location: CT (unfortunately)

What makes you sexxi: I don't give a shit about what other people think about me, I like freaking out the preps from my town by doing/saying weird stuff, like randomly singing to them, I'm bisexual.  And like threesomes.

 I'm the one on the left


 Not that you can tell I'm weird or anything......

Yep, that's me......



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