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just a heads up... sephora brand is discontinuing all of their shadows, reformulating, repackaging, revamping the whole thing... and let me tell you, the final outcome is AMAZZZziNG!!! these shadows are super pigmented, wet/dry shadows, better than urban decay! we got the samples in my store already and i can not wait to see the rest! you guys can get a sneak preview from the french sephora page. there will be new singles, duos, and quads. i'll repost when it's official and they're on the shelves!!




this explains why our sephora gondola has looked like crap this last year, we've been empty... but they were hiding this huge suprise from us all!!! they'll definately be on the shelves by holiday! and wait til you see some of the holiday suprises coming from other brands... ahhhh exciting

check out the sephora france page if you're bored, it's like a whole nother world.
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Anyone here use Bare Escentuals i.d. bareMinerals? I have trouble with my foundation staying on (could be the heat/humidty of the South-- I don't know). How good is this product? I've heard from one person that it was wonderful. Looking forward to what people here have to say! THANKS!

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FLAVOR/COLOR; Spring Fling
RATING 1(lowest)-5(highest); 5
DESCRIPTION; Sexy sultry lips
WHY IT DID/DID NOT WORK; Yes. I love Sephora
OTHER DETAILS; Anyone who loves Sephora add me.

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i opted to join this sephora community rather than the other few i found because a) it has a nice looking layout, b) it's new and needs help, but isn't completely dead c) there don't seem to be rating community adverts (could we possibly try to keep it that way please oh please??)

anyway. i run a sugar cosmetics community, and if the mod would like to become affiliates, that would be awesome. just let me know and i'll give you the link; i didn't want to advertise it without permission.

i'll recruit members into this community! somehow!

ps. you may want to add brand names to the interest list?