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REQUEST LYKE WHOA [entries|friends|calendar]
R-E-Q-U-E-S-T-S that will get done <3

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layout request!? [ Wednesday
October 07]

[ mood | blank ]

hey, I was hoping to make a request for a layout.
For the banner, the image I would like to be used, (if possible) would be 
(if possible, could the text john and edwardo be added to the banner in script, i would be eternally grateful.)
As for the colours, as the image is very bland in colour, maybe a plain background, with blue text/links?
I like a chic look, more minimalistc than full of crazzy text and colour.
Favourite font : Times New Roman.

I would be sososo thankful if someone could make this for me, because I'm seriously awful when it comes to things like this. 

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Banner Request~ [ Monday
July 20]

I was wondering if someone could help me create a code to put a banner in my current layout? I really like the way my layout looks and I have no idea how to work CSS or HTML, but I really like the banner. So if someone could help me out.....? Thanks in advance. :]
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[ Saturday
February 07]

[ mood | hopeful ]

layout request, please.Collapse )

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Layout request [ Thursday
January 29]

Soo I know it's really general, buttt..
I'm new to LJ, and I know absolutely nothing about layouts. I was wondering if somebody could make me a relatively simple layout using this picture?


I'd like the text to be small, black, and a serif font, but with colored titles/links/whatever.

I don't really know what specifics I'm supposed to give...sorry!

Thank you :)

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I WANT, YES I WANT [ Thursday
July 03]


Read more...Collapse )
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My Chemical Romance/Jack The Ripper [ Wednesday
July 02]

[ mood | excited ]

It's really general. Could someone make me a layout (or just a header and/or footer if it's easier) and a matching icon that will match my username? I was thinking it may have some my chem lyrics in the backround or whatever. Just a jack the ripper feel incorperated with my chemical romance (it can have pictures of them.) I don't really care. Use your imagination! =D

Thank you so so so much.

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Req :] [ Sunday
June 29]

Layout requestCollapse )
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I want, yes I want! [ Thursday
June 19]

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[ Tuesday
May 27]

Title: Stormy Day Icons
Any examples? (optional): I haven't been able to find any
Color Scheme:Blues, blacks, whites, and little highlights of orange
Scrollbar Colors
Arrow: Black
Base: Light Blue
Darkshadow: Dark Blue
Face: White
Shadow: Black
Highlight: Orange
3d Light: White
Link colors
Unvisited: White
Visited: Dark Blue
Active: Light Blue
Hover: Black
Link decorations (none, strikethrough, blur, underline, border, etc)
Unvisited: White
Visited: Dark Blue
Active: Light Blue
Hover: Black
Background Picture (provide a link): http://photobucket.com/image/lightning%20storm/sylvanacmar/monsoon.jpg?o=51
Background picture position: Where ever you see fit
Background scrolling (fixed or not?): Fixed
Background repeat: No
Background Color: Dark blue
Font name: Whatever the basic font for lj is
Font size: Again, the basic for lj
Font color: White
comment links
What do you want the comment links to say? (example (2 read | post)): # Comments on the storm/ Comment on the storm
Picture between comment links. Provide the link. (optional):
Comment link position [example/ left, right, center]:right
Entry Width (from 30-100): 90
Entry Position (left, right, center): left
Border (none, solid, dashed, dotted, double):solid
Border Color: black
Border Thickness (1-10; 1 is very thin, 10 is very thick.):3
Image map (provide pictures & what you'd like on it) [optional]:
Sidebar (tell us what you'd want on it.. graphics, etc.): just the standard things that go on a sidebar
Header (optional): could you use this photo: http://www.moonraker.com.au/techni/lightning.jpg but could you flip it on it's side, and above the lightning put "Stormy Day Icons" and below put "The official icon journal of mzmtiger
Anything else?: Nope
E-mail address: mzmtiger@yahoo.com
AIM screenname: none
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request.. pls... [ Monday
May 19]


 hi guys.. im so desperate for a cute massu layout.. but i really don't know how to do these things.. i'm really not god at it.. 

and so i was searching for people and communities that could help me with my problem.. and then i saw this comm.. pls guys.. help me with this..

all i just wanted was a cute masuda takahisa layout.. if you ever get to work on this one, i'll leave the specs for you and other details.. just make it a layout absolutely inspired by masuda takahisa..

thanks guys..
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I need your help please [ Thursday
April 24]

[ mood | blank ]

Hi there, I don't know if you take requests here but I'm esperate for a layout.  A friend of mine from a community I'm part of died tragically on Monday.  I'm making a memorial community for her and I really need a layout.  It has to be green and black (her favourite colours) with a tasteful young looking angel on the backround.  I would leave the rest of the creativity up to some of you guys.

IF someone could do this I would be so grateful and so would her friends.

Thanks in Advance

Helen x x x x

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Layout Request. PLEASE answer. [ Monday
April 21]

I've been trying to get this layout done for weeks , it's driving me crazy! Is anybody here a really good layout and header maker and willing to do this for me? I'd love you forever, haha. If you think you can handle my request... 

read the descriptionCollapse )
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Layout request [ Wednesday
November 14]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Heya! I have a favor to ask.  Could someone be kind enough to make a Wicked (the musical) layout for me? One compatible with a plus account? Something based on Defying Gravity.

Ack, I really suck at programming and stuff and the help would be much appreciated.

Credit will be given, of course.

Just drop me a line.

And thanks a lot.

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I want, yes I want [ Sunday
September 23]

Read more...Collapse )
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I want yes I want [ Friday
August 17]

I want yes I wantCollapse )
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I want, yes I want [ Tuesday
August 14]

[ mood | blank ]

Sorry if I did this wrong or posted this at a wrong time. Please let me know if I did so.

I want, yes I wantCollapse )

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I want, yes I want [ Monday
August 13]

Any examples? (optional):
Color Scheme:black, grey and orange
Scrollbar Colors
3d Light:??
Link colors
Link decorations (none, strikethrough, blur, underline, border, etc)
Visited: blur
Background Picture (provide a link): http://s17.photobucket.com/albums/b66/kagirl20/Tony%20Stewart/?action=view¤t=onfire.jpg (is there anyway that can be watermarked, or not so bold in color?)
Background picture position: center
Background scrolling (fixed or not?): no idea i want it to follow the scroll
Background repeat: no
Background Color:black
Font name:
Font size:
Font color:
comment links
What do you want the comment links to say? (example (2 read | post)): (pit stops / make a pit stop)
Picture between comment links. Provide the link. (optional):http://s17.photobucket.com/albums/b66/kagirl20/Tony%20Stewart/?action=view¤t=pitpic.jpg
Comment link position [example/ left, right, center]:center
No idea what ever you think will look good.

Entry Width (from 30-100):
Entry Position (left, right, center):
Border (none, solid, dashed, dotted, double):
Border Color:
Border Thickness (1-10; 1 is very thin, 10 is very thick.):
Image map (provide pictures & what you'd like on it) [optional]:1. http://s17.photobucket.com/albums/b66/kagirl20/Tony%20Stewart/?action=view¤t=flag.jpg 2. http://s17.photobucket.com/albums/b66/kagirl20/Tony%20Stewart/?action=view¤t=indytest2.jpg 3. http://s17.photobucket.com/albums/b66/kagirl20/Tony%20Stewart/?action=view¤t=climbingdaytona.jpg 4. http://s17.photobucket.com/albums/b66/kagirl20/Tony%20Stewart/?action=view¤t=climbingthefence.jpg 5. http://s17.photobucket.com/albums/b66/kagirl20/NASCAR/?action=view¤t=victorylane.jpg 6. http://s17.photobucket.com/albums/b66/kagirl20/random/?action=view¤t=signature.jpg
Sidebar (tell us what you'd want on it.. graphics, etc.): http://s17.photobucket.com/albums/b66/kagirl20/Tony%20Stewart/?action=view¤t=trophy.jpg
Header (optional):
Anything else?: I put a whole lot of pics on here you can use as many as you want or in any order. i just really want the fire one as the background and the one with him and the trophy on the side. either way its your choice... Thank you so much. look forward to hearing from you..
E-mail address: i_Dont_know_2018@yahoo.com
AIM screenname: nascar20superfan
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please help! [ Sunday
August 05]


Hey everyone! I really need help making a fun layout for my new community...


!!  Its a brand new party planning community! 

So far all i've done is the userinfo page!! 
But before i start nagging people to join, i figure it better look like a valid active fun community.

The only problem.. im not so good with livejournal layouts.



ps:  of course you will be given total credit! & complete creative control!

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layout request .. if possible [ Thursday
August 02]

So . I've been really wanting a Sid Vicious layout or Sid and Johnny ... *shrugs* I'd make one, but I'm not sure how to .. if not, it's kewl .. if so, that'd be brilliant ... w00t w00t
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[ Wednesday
August 01]

I WANT, YES I WANT.>Collapse )
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July 30]
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Please!:D [ Sunday
July 22]
[ mood | artistic ]

Can you please make me a layout with
this picture: http://img261.imageshack.us/img261/5479/130oh5.jpg
at the top of the layout, please!:D
Much appreciated! Thankyou!:D

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request [ Thursday
July 12]

Im new to the community so Hi..

and could someone make me a layout using this photo?:


Anything creative...the only thing id prefer is for the picture to be at the top.

Thanks in advance!!
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I WANT, YES I WANT [ Wednesday
July 11]

a very simple layout.Collapse )

Please and thank you in advance.
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24 Request [ Monday
July 09]

I have a REALLY odd 24 Layout request

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killers layout request!! [ Tuesday
July 03]

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I WANT, YES I WANT [ Tuesday
July 03]

[ mood | anxious ]

I have a request...

Request-a-monde!!Collapse )

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[ Sunday
June 24]
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Help [ Sunday
June 24]

I requested a layout some time ago and got it and it's beautiful. breanna_dolly did it and I love it except when I enter posts, it doesn't appear exactly as I posted it. It's a pet peeve of mine not to have a paragraph between paragraphs.

(Like this.

Another paragraph.

Another paragraph.)

When I enter my post, the paragraph between the paragraphs don't show up. I've tried adjusting line-height and stuff but nothing has changed. Can anyone help me?
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Request Please [ Sunday
March 18]

[ mood | chipper ]

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March 18]

Read more...Collapse )
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Small Request [ Saturday
March 17]

You guys are my only hope, I swear, I'm two inches from giving up on the whole LJ thing. I've been trying for a month now to make the writing posts on my journal to look like comic book squares. something like this : [u] http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v682/WhiteSnow/layout.jpg [/u]
So far with no luck.
You can see my current formet layout here:

I don't intend to change the entire layout, although a groovier background would be nice :)

So if you can help me in ANY way. please do.
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March 11]

request pleaseCollapse )
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I WANT, YES I WANT! [ Saturday
March 10]


please make it for a plus account.

text:That August Snow
font:century gothic
font sizes:x-small
text positioning:center
what do you want it to say:
# of boxes:
# of strips:
colors: all the colors of the rainbow!
background color [optional]:white
anything else?:a Gisele Bundchen layout using these pictures

pic #1

Pic #2
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Request! [ Saturday
March 10]
Greetings! I have a layout request!
<lj-cut text="Request-Ness">
Alrighty. The basic title of my journal is "Pinchi No Pure Pure Melody", so I definitely have in mind random cute Japanese-style lemons, characters, bright colours, fruits, colourful things. I'm not picky on the general style of the layout, but I would like it to be bright and cheery. If you're skilled at making LJ icons, I would like some with "Pinchi No Pure Pure Melody" and some cute, random design. I'm pretty much going to love anything cute and random, so please be creative with it!
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[ Friday
March 09]
[ mood | Anxious ]

Hello, thar. :3 I would like to place a layout request, please. :> The <lj user="avatarlayouts"> community is pretty inactive and....yeah. :P

This is the info, people =3Collapse )

Please and Sank you in advance <3

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A Marie Antoinette Request [ Tuesday
March 06]

RequestCollapse )
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I want, Yes I want [ Wednesday
February 28]
inside lies many things...Collapse )
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I want, yes I want [ Monday
February 26]

[ mood | working ]

layout requestCollapse )

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February 23]

Read more...Collapse ).
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I WANT, YES I WANT! [ Saturday
February 10]

Layout RequestCollapse )
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[ Saturday
February 03]

Here's a brand new community that you all should join. It's hollywoodhq and it's for posting high quality photos of celebrities. It's a good resource for graphic makers and just for celebrity fans in general. ♥

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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I WANT! YES, I WANT! [ Wednesday
January 31]

simple requestCollapse )
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[ Saturday
January 06]

If you're familiar with ohnotheydidnt (and even if you aren't) and are jealous of the attention celebrities are getting, join xohyestheydid and you be the celebrity. ♥

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Could I please have some Britney Spears icons? :) I don't care what photos or text, surprise me! ♥
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I WANT, YES I WANT! [ Thursday
January 04]

requestCollapse )

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getting rid of ads on your journal [ Sunday
December 24]

hey, ivnt had a lj in a while, and so much has changed. i was wondering how you get rid of the bloody ads and shit that is on my page. its so annoying and i want to get rid of it so i can make my journal look legit. haha, anyway, thanks for anyone who knows some codes!
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[ Wednesday
December 20]

i just have a few questions...i don't know why my background image isn't working and also why my font has not changed. could someone look at my overrides for me and see if we can't figure out the problem?
aim= jenniferrrrr17
email= jendrens@excite.com
or you can comment on my journal or something.
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Im The mod of this hot new community [ Sunday
December 10]

Tired of getting banned for speaking your mind to shitty applicants? Are you hot?

JOIN ohxxsoxxloaded. The bitchier you are, the better. We're hot and know it. AUTO-ACCEPTING FIRST 20 APPLICANTS.


im currently looking for graphic makers. if youre a graphic maker whos down to make shit every now and then, ill make you a mod =]
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i want! yes i want! [ Wednesday
November 22]

[ mood | curious ]

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header [ Monday
November 13]

I was wondering if anyone could make me a header. It's for a RPG, so I need for it to be a picture of Christina Ricci. However, it should say Gabriel Harper. I don't care what photo is used, but I'd like for the lyrics from Sia's Breathe Me to be on it somewhere.

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