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(Pretty Self-Explanatory)

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All Members , Moderated

The name of this community is pretty self-explanatory --- You can post anything about anything. If you want somebody to make you an icon, if you want to get some information on your favorite band, anything! (Layout credit: _kandi_kisz_)

1. Yes, you can promote, but if the picture is really big, put it under an lj-cut.
2. Also, if an entry is too long, put that under an lj-cut. This rule is the same with pictures.
3. No fights, and you can post anything as long as it's appropriate.
4. You can join regardless, but when you do join, please post the application below. This is not to be rated, but for everybody to get to know you. (Again, LJ cut.)
5. The posting for this community is not moderated, but I will definately delete any innapropriate posts/comments.
6. Your age, beliefs, whatever... don't matter here. Don't be rude to someone because they are much younger than you (I am very young myself), a different religion, or anything.
7. Have fun!

If you break any of the rules, I will either notify you of this or ban you. It depends on the rule what happens to you.


Remember, this is not a rating community, this is simply so we can get to know you. Nobody will criticize you for this, just welcome you! It is simply an easier version of an introduction post, but it MUST be filled out.All questions (including the pictures) are optional, but a minimum of five questions must be answered.

Moderater:laur3nx *Hiatus*
Co-Mod: w3ndy_mich3lle

{Updated 5.25.05}
We will start with themes once we have at least ten members.
Haha, just kidding. I changed my mind, and now that we have five members, I'll start a theme. Post pictures of your favorite animal, person, place, or thing.

Any ideas for future themes? Just email me at x0.laur3n.0x@gmail.com or IM me at LAUR3Nx.


Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Credit to: coinage

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Credit to: tattered__

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Credit to: pinkpolkadotox
More banners on the way!