May 22nd, 2005

Rating Community!!!!

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* Themes
* Games
* Photoshoots
* Scavenger hunts
* Contests
* Prizes
* Graphics
* Free stuff
* Points you can earn and spend on cool stuff
* 8 different apps to choose from (one is based only on personality)
* You're NOT required to promote!

***This Hot New community is about having fun, meeting new friends and participating in fun activities. So if you're looking for a FUN place to hang out instead of just a lame/harsh rating community, come and join 0_lj_night_club***

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Join _young_writers_
This is a new community for writers, and artists of all kinds! You may also join to just to see others work! Come on and join!
+You can post your art work!
+You can post your stories!
+You can post your poems!
+You can post your lyrics/song writtings!
+You can post your requests of stories to read or art to see!
+You can posts debates!
+All artists, writers, readers, are welcome!
+Best part- No Censorship!

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Join my community!

What I offer here:

*Posting acess for members who have a wonderful graphic talent
*So join today and start requesting!

Also, this is a DRAMA-FREE community!
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