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Name: Becca

Nickname: Bex or Bec

Age: 15

Location: Scottsdale, AZ

Gender: *checks* Female!!! XD

Sexuality: straight

Favorite color: multicolor (I have a hard time making up my mind sometimes. Plus there are so many perty colors out there...)

Photo: maybe later...
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Name: stella
Nickname: stellar, stell, potpat [long story], i'm sure there's more but my brain's still sleeping :/
Age: 15
Location: dammit! philippines
Gender: f
Sexuality: straight
Favorite color: black purple
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Name: Samm
Nickname: Sammy fairy, samm zilla, midget, niggle, sizzle, nukz, sexiirabbit, spamm, hello kitty, elfie. many many more.
Age: 15
Location: Pennsylvania
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Favorite color: Red...although I love all the colours!

Much lurrrve
Sammy fairy.

Valentine’s Socks

Valentine’s Socks

T’was the week after Christmas
Shredded paper still in the floor.
All the presents are opened
And, thank God, there are no more. Read more...Collapse )

(Valentine’s Socks Copyright © 2004 by myself and published. Copyright registered at U. S. Copyright Office, Washington, D. C.)
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