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I want more LJ friends. I have alot already, but this time I really want people who like...have lots of the same interests as me. Umm, and people who have MSN or AIM, because I like to get to know people on that, too. Because its alot easier. But if you dont, thats fine, too. Just look on my info page, I have pictures and tons of interests. So if I seem cool...comment on my friends only page and I'll add you!

xoxo, Rachel

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name: Rachel

age: 15

location: Everett, Washington

likes: Music, Girl Interupted, Degrassi, Real World (this season is boring, though) Taking pictures, camera whoring, Talking on the phone, boys, Angelina Jolie, Drawing, yogurt, chocolate, bubble gum, annies macoroni, talking online, shopping, hip hop, rap, r&b...the list could go on and on

dislikes: Slutty girls, people who say "oh i'll kick so and so's ass even though theyve never even been in a fight and dont intend to get into one, cocky guys, when people have hair in there eyes and they dont push it out of the way, when people wear headbands way far on the back of there head. Whats the point of them, then? They are supposed to keep hair out of your face...

♥music: Almost anything works. Nelly, Lil' Scrappy, Lil' Jon, Trina, Jay-Z, T.I., TUPAC, Green Day, I dunno, I can listen to almost anything.

But yeah, I comment kind of alot. I used to alot more, but on the weekends and crap I do on almost everyone of my friends entries. And my journals are usually funny or interesting, so Im sure I'll entertain you. Most people find me entertaining, anyways. But yeah, my journal isnt friends only yet, but Im about to make it. So go ahead and add me and comment on this or my friends only page! It would be easier if you comment on that.

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my liger has pig tails.

Name: April
Nickname: Ape, ape shit, lirpa (<just cause its easy to say) Age: 14 Location: Ga Gender: boobs+vagina=female Sexuality: Straight Picture: sorry i couldn't actually post any. they are too big and i can't resize them. ;) feel freeeee to add me. or if you have AIM i looove random instant messages. whee. AIM: weepingxpeanut <3.
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Name: Vikki
Nickname: Vik
Age: 15
Location: England
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Favorite color: Black, Purple

Photo:(If you have one, if not, thats okay too)

:) Feel free to add me if you wish.

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just another night in Nantes


gerard way is sososososososossssooooooo hottt!!!!
i just want to eat him all up!


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