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this community is for photography, and notes. photos of basicly anything, no nudity. the notes part is basicly open to anything too, such as poems, unsent letters, random little quotes you wrote, etc.

[if you still don't understand about this, then here are some communities you can check out, to get an idea. dear_you paperlove, letterstolovers, and __________chaos, for about the notes part. if you don't understand the photo part, well uh yeah. it isn't too hard.]

you do not need a digital camera. it could be typed such as those communities. or graphics you made, from pictures you found online. it's all up to you.

1. no off-topic posts.
2. don't steal people's work.
3. no mean comments, if you're giving your opinion, then give constructive criticism.
4. all photos must be put behind an lj-cut. only one may be outside of it, but that can't be no larger then 500 for the width. and photos behind a cut, please don't make them so large you can view it without scrolling a lot.
5. please introduce yourself when you join.
6. do not promote other communites.
7. do promote this community.
8. feel free to post entries friends only, if you like.
9. have a question about something? comment in my journal, or im me. do not be completely annoying though.

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