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Why youre hot and should get in:i dunno random people always walk up to me or email me tellin me I'm hot
Best feature & why:my eyes theyre bright blue and one of the first things people seem to notice (besides my chest lol)
Taken or Having fun:having fun
Tell me a secret:ummm I once stole a whip and tickler at the mall
Where are you from:Connecticut
What do you like to do:hang out, party, watch classic movies, sleep, shop, play (or try to play lol) guitar
5 top bands of your choice:
x:Guns N Roses
x:Pink Floyd

2 places you want to visit or have and loved:
x:LBI-The beaches there are great and the surfers are soo hot
x:Barbados-I really wanna go there but I haven't gotten around too it yet, I probably will soon tho

Tell us about yourself:
Um I lived in NY for 9 years then moved to CT, I love Classic Rock and Heavy Metal and alot of 80's pop-ish stuff too. I LOVE dior its like my favorite oh and Marilyn Monroe is like my idols, I've seen like pretty much all her movies and she just rocks lol. Well anyways I hope I get accepted, I dunno if I'm pretty enough

heres a link to my pics because I'm not skilled enough to post them (i hope I'm pretty enough)


ahh i need helpppp .. i have to throw my two friends a surprise this friday.. its going 2 be at my house but i dont no what to do for itttt! pleasee help- anyone have ideas? themes?

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Age:almost 15
Why youre hot and should get in:im hot-i know i am. alot of ppl could b hot but they dont take advantage of it. u have to b born w/ hottness on the outside-but alos have the whole attitude. im not a snob-im not a slut. i dont care what ppl think of me. im myself and im cool with that. so thats cool w/ everyone else. i was blessed w/ the outside beauty, but im really a fun person. and thats A-List material.everyone whos anyone knows me.
Best feature & why:my hair. everyone says it perfect so i believe them! it can b sexy curls or super straight. i do what i want w/ it. its a gorgeous natural color.
Taken or Having fun:having fun. i would much rather have a bunch of summer flings than be with the same guy all summer
Tell me a secret:i love you! no umm i cant really think of one right now. wne i do ill tell u!
Where are you from:florida
What do you like to do:i love to hang out with my frineds, shopping, running, working out,movies going to the beach and get tan.ive started surfing, singing, dancing,basicly just having tons of fun
5 top bands of your choice:
x:jack johnson
x:ashlee simpson
x:dave matthews band

2 places you want to visit or have and loved:
x:australia. i want 1 of those accents and the surf there is aweosme plus hot guys!!
x:hawaii-it seems gorgeous

Tell us about yourself:

Im 5'5 and i have brown hair with blonde (natural) highlight. i have hazel eyes that change colors with what i pretty cool. ive ben lucky all my life. i ge what i want, wen i want it. i think it would b awesome to get into this community. you all seem like cool girls and ide like to b a part of it. even if u dont admit me, i know im hot. you know u want me.

hey girls

okay so im not sure who everyone is... lol. so babes.. whats up? i mean how is everyones summer goin? if you could comment and tell me a lil bit about yourself and stuff tha'd be great. love
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