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Name: Kari Anastasia
Why youre hot and should get in: people tell my im pretty. and i dont think i am. so i want to see if im pretty enough to be in here, to like, boost my self-esteem up or something.
Best feature & why:i have a good smile, even though i have braces, everyone says i have a really good smile.
Taken or Having fun: taken.
Tell me a secret:i dont have any secrets, i tell everyone everything.
Where are you from: Oakdale, PA
What do you like to do: I like to play sofbtall, and hanging out with my friends, being with my b/f
5 top bands of your choice:
x: Taking Back Sunday
x: Thrice
x: Three Days Grace
x: Sugarcult
x: Chingy

2 places you want to visit or have and loved:
x: Flordia//i love the weather there &hearts;
x: Hawaii//i love beaches, but i've never been there

Tell us about yourself: My birthday is in July, i just turned 13. yeah im young. I like to go out and have fun with my friends, and im not very serious at all, im just fun to be around i guess. &hearts;

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