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Name: Alicia

Age: 14

Why youre hot and should get in: Everyone is always telling me how beautiful I am..sometimes I think they are just telling me that I am because they're my I would like some outside opinions

Best feature & why: I think I have pretty teeth..umm.probably because they are just really straight and very white!

Taken or Having fun: Having Fun! Woot!

Tell me a secret: I was caught by the cops with my best friend meeting people at a school at 12:00 which was after cerfew and we trespassed on school grounds when we weren't supposed too..!!! Wicked scary!!

Where are you from: Maine

What do you like to do: I love being with my friends. They are my life. I love watching movies, and going to the movies. I love shopping! And I love Music!!!!

5 top bands of your choice:
x:All American Rejects
x:Letter Kills
x:Blink 182

2 places you want to visit or have and loved:
x:California-It's so beautiful!
x:Cape Cod- Awesome people!

Tell us about yourself: I am a very loving person..I always try and put my friends before me.. I am a very good listener..I think that not only am I a beautiful person on the outside I am on the inside as well. I would consider myself pretty outspoken..when something is bothering me I'm not afraid to say something about it..One thing I know I am not..would be shy! I am a loud party girl..I love to have fun..just love to be happy! That's pretty much it!

I'm on the left!!

Hope you like..!


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