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Name: Krystal Michelle
Age: seventeen, 18 in one month & 3 days :D
Why youre hot and should get in: My personality makes me HOTT! I should get in because one of your members stole my graphic. Nah, she did but I shouldn't get in because of that.
Best feature & why: My hair. Everyone comments on how beautiful it is, and when I claim I am going to cut it off they yell at me. I like my hair though because its very cooperative.
Taken or Having fun: Having FUN! I start college August 30th so I'm not lookin for a guy, trust me.
Tell me a secret: I don't have any secrets, for real. Well, except that my best friend is starting to piss me off?!
Where are you from: Indianapolis, Indiana.
What do you like to do: Graphic Design, Web Design, listen to music, roll around in my 98' Buick <3, chill with friends..
5 top bands of your choice: 2 of them aren't "bands".
x: Yellowcard
x: Switchfoot
x: Brooks & Dunn
x: Three 6 Mafia
x: KMK

2 places you want to visit or have and loved:
x: Kure Beach, NC. I used to live by the ocean when I was little. It was great!
x: Kings Island. I've only been there once and it was when I was a freshman in HS and I loved it.

Tell us about yourself: Well I am a 17 year old high school graduate. I work for Wayne Township (where i graduated from) as a Web Designer for the summer and I am also employed by McDonalds (MCOPO). I am training to become a manager. After my 18th birthday I will get certified. I have already been to the food safety class! My favortie color is baby blue, I think its because I lived in NC for 11 years. My eyes are ice blue but they change different shades of blue. It's awesome, trust me. I listen to a wide variety of music as you can tell from my favortie band choices :]. I just got a new 98' Buick on Tuesday (it r0cks so hard, OMG!). I live with my mom and her boyfriend until I complete college in 16 months ( I'll have an associates degree in Computer Applications and Programming ). I am in love with the Care Bears and My Little Pony. Anything else, just go look @ my user info. It's got hella information about me.


enjoy ;]
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