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im new

Name: Alexandra
Age: 15
Why youre hot and should get in: Because I guess I've been told that I'm goodlooking, and because I'm fun, and outgoing. I think I should get in because i would be a great help to this community.
Best feature & why: I'd have to say my lips and my butt. Lips because they're big and my butt because it's big..heh.
Taken or Having fun: Taken <3 Matt.
Tell me a secret: I love running track and I'm the #9 hurdler in my county.
Where are you from: Long Island, New York
What do you like to do: I love to run, play soccer, go out with my friends, mall, shop, hang out, go to the movies, dance, sing..etc.
5 top bands of your choice:
x:Ashlee Simpson
x:Britney Spears
x:Justin Timberlake

2 places you want to visit or have and loved:
x:Italy, like every other year and I love going there because of all the family.
x:I really want to go to Ibiza, Spain. It looks amazing and beautiful.

Tell us about yourself:
I'm 5'1 [yes, I'm short], I love to run track and play soccer, I'm a very outgoing and fun person. I love to make people laugh. I love to shop and I love clothes. I'm pretty much straight edge, and I love to hang out with lots of my friends. Um, thats about it, I guess?


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