Anita (skatesnowsurf) wrote in _____panty_hoes,

new panties

Name: Anita
Age: 17
Location: New York

10 Favorite Bands: (not only bands...)
01. Poison the Well
02. Incubus
03. Bob Marley
04. Britney Spears
05. 50 cent
06. Eminem
07. Slipknot
08. Gwen Stephani
09. Linkin Park
10. Missy Elliot.. I like a variety.
5 Favorite Movies:
01. Phantom of the Opera
02. American Wedding
03. Legally Blonde(1st one)
04. Bully

Complete the Sentence
I wear big sunglasses.
In my spare time, I eat sandwiches.
I read a magazine called "Zagareet!"
I love belly dancing.
I am a belly dancer.
I believe in ghosts.

Promotions (atleast one) Show link(s)!! 1 and 2

Are you a member of cute_screams or _______3rd_base? no =\

100x100 picture for accepted list:I'm not sure at the moment. Any suggestions?
maybe this one:

5+ CLEAR pictures including your face. No n00dz or foggy pictures.

I just took some of these pics because I don't have many.. haha I hope they're not too bad.


Body Shot.. sort of.

^my most favorite teacher ever! She gave me free passes to class<3

Straight hair...

and that's morris, my step moms cat.

and YES, I know that my mirror is kinda icky.. sorry bout that.
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