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_________NEW PANTIES

Name:mitra tina
Location:407, florida

10 Favorite Bands:
these are in no particular order
01.the postal service
02.the sound of animals fighting
03.on broken wings
04.rilo kiley
05.gravy train
06.beep beep
07.houston calls
08.i can make a mess
09.from first to last
10.matchbook romance
5 Favorite Movies:
01.garden state
02.in america
03.eternal sunshine
04.the land before time

Complete the Sentence
I wear bigshoes.
In my spare time, Isew.
I readchuck palhaniuk.
I lovecheap gas stations.
I am afashion designer♥
I believe inalines, which scare the hell out of me.

Promotions (atleast one) Show link(s)!!:http://www.livejournal.com/community/0000000000000b_/33011.html

Are you a member of cute_screams or _______3rd_base?: no'ms. I just made a new journal, this is the first community I am applying for.

100x100 picture for accepted list:

5+ CLEAR pictures including your face. No n00dz or foggy pictures.:


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