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"new panties"

Name gabby
ASL!! 15,female, Sarasota Florida
10 bands The faint, agaiinst me!, further seems forever,the juliana theory,the cars, anal cunt,the early november, with broken wings,ima robot,the distillers
5 movieskill bill one, kill bill two, pulp fiction,lion king,bbq banana

Complete the sentence/fill in the blank
I wear big shoes
I am aloser
I believe ingod!
There's a fingerin my soup.
I read hustler
My vice ismy mom.

Promote in 1 place. SHOW LINK!!!
you can get 1-2 extra yes' if you promote to more then one place.
Are you a member of cute_screams&or_______3rd_base? nope.

3+ CLEAR pictures including your face. No n00dz or foggy picturesImage hosted by right side->Image hosted by Image hosted by blue shirt.Image hosted by
1 100x100 picture of YOU and the link
Image hosted by
Last words? Accept me? that would be nice.
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