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Shine Bright

New Panties

Name Margo
ASL!! 16/f/Massachusetts
10 bands
-Green Day
-Bright Eyes
-Taking Back Sunday
-Alice in Chains
-Jane’s Addiction
-The Offspring

5 movies
-Minority Report
-The Notebook

Complete the sentence/fill in the blank
I wear big sunglasses
I am a ballerina
I believe inmaking dreams come true
There's apiece of broccoliin my soup.
I readevery night
My vice isspending too much money on clothes

Promote in 1 place. SHOW LINK!!!
you can get 1-2 extra yes' if you promote to more then one place.


Are you a member of cute_screams&or_______3rd_base?

3+ CLEAR pictures including your face. No n00dz or foggy pictures

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1 100x100 picture of YOU and the link

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Last words?I hope you like me <3 <3 <3
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