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lets love some p0etry
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Why 'ello fellow poetry lovers !

This is truly a place for you, and only you. :)

Where you can put your poetry. And know its safe. And only positive criticism will me made. Heaven, right? ^____^

---'Kay, this is a nice place. Lets keep it that way. :)
---Keep all comments nice and postive. If you wrote such a personal thing like poetry, you wouldnt want it dissed.
---Your open to post any kind of poem or lyric you like. Were all different.
---Have fun !

If you want to be a fellow Mod, your welcome to just post and ask. I guess besides the cool title of Mod o0o Mod ^^ You'll get to be a grand help of Sarah with all the commenting on member's poetry.

Cos Im going to make a guarantee that every poem entree will get sum yummy positive criticism ! :)

I've finally made the application

Please fill it. It is a requirement.

1. Whats your name anyway?
2. Do you plan on actually posting some poetry?
3. Or commenting on others?
4. How old are you?
5. Where are you? i.e location
6. How did you find the community?
7. Will you promote?
8. Something uber-unique about you.
9. Anything else you'd like to share?


Lets love us some poetry, hm?

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