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Table Customization help please

Hello. I am using the Disjointed layout and I would like to know how to widen my table which my journal entries appear in. The boxes are very narrow and it bugs me. I have asked for help from the LJ staff but I am not understanding and they claim they are not allowed to give detailed help which is what I need. I have not been around here much since LJ got this new layout and all this new stuff. So I no longer know how to get around and about these override things. Can anyone here please assist me? It would be mighty appreciate it.
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Hello everyone!!!

I hope someone here can help me!
After hours of work, I finally succeeded in making a layout that looks normal. I just have still one problem. I can't make my whole navigation bar on the top and my icon disappear. Everytime I try it with a code, no matter if in the GLOBAL_HEAD or outside my sidebar disappears and the navigation bar and the icon are still there. I would be very happy if someone could help me.

so here is my layout code. As you can see there is already a code to hide the navigation, but as I said it doesn't work. (Go to my journal and you will see it)

thank you in advantage!!!
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starting to make a not pathetic layout.

I really would love to know two things.

1) How do I put in a tiled background (I have an image I would like to repeat as a tile).
2) How do I put up a banner at the top?

If someone could help me out with these two things I would be super happy.

I have a Plus Account and I would be using the Generator style.


Hey, I just switched from a basic account to a plus account and it just completely screwed up my layout. Now my entry box is wider and the entries themselves are really narrow (look at my LJ to see what I mean). Does someone know a way to fix that and/or do the overrides change or something between the different accounts? Any help is appreciated!

- Emily
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(no subject)

I have a couple questions...
How do you move the sidebar to the top?
Mine is currently on the left side IE:rosesanplacebos but i would like it on top below/as my header. IE: __________addme Are there any overrides for this?
Another question...
I have a border image on the left side of my layout, is there any way to add another image over it (so both images show) or do I have to do that in photoshop or something?
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Help me please?

Well, i am sure you already know what i need.T_T... I want to learn to do layouts, but, some of the tutorials on the sidebar don't work, and i need them T^T!!! Anyway, i really wish to learn so if someone could help me giving me links or something to good tutorials, that would be so much appreciated. I understand the codes and i learn quickly messing around with them so some tutorials should do.

Please if you can, help^__^!! Thanks.
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Need some help

<lj-cut> Hey, I need someone to properly link the places listed in my contact box, I can't remember how. 

Here it is:
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting"></a>

If you like it, go ahead and take it. Just credit. But I really need someone to help me with the overrides. </lj-cut>
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(no subject)

Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone could either show me how to make a layout, make me a layout, or show me a site that can get me layouts. I'm a big Dallas Cowboys fan, I like cars alot - especially Volkswagens.

Any help would be great, thanks.

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I read in the userinfo that you need help and well when you want to I would like to help you here!
Well, I know html, css and can make headers and that stuff... But, I have to say that I'm still learning ... Visit my journal, I made the layout there myself...
So, I hope that I'll hear from you soon! :)