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_____l0vely's Journal

rating community
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THE Rules 01.This is a rating community. Members may be as harsh as they want to towards applicants. If you can't handle the truth, then this community isn't for you. If you decide to argue or bitch at someone in my commmunity..guess what? BANNED. 02. If you get accepted, you may vote, post, comment, whatever. just be active, or you will be taken off the members list. 03. No promoting in this community without permission of the Moderator or the Co-Mod first or just simply comment in the entry labeled "spam" 04. All pictures and applications must be put under an LJ-cut. 05. No nudity or pornographic pictures. 06. When you post your application, put "Am I lovely?" in the subject line, to make sure you read all of the rules. 07. Bold all of the questions -- not the answers. It makes your application easier to read. 08. If you are rejected, you may re-apply ONCE in a week, with a link to your last application. 09. If you are rejected and you delete your application? Banned. 10. You may not comment in any other posts or application other than your own or you're automatically rejected. 11. Post your application within 24 hours after you join. 12. MEMBERS when voting, put YES or NO in the subject line. It makes it easier for myself and the Co-Mod. 13. When applying, fill out the entire application. You will be rejected 14. I have the final vote. If I decide I do not like you, or I like you..my vote can overrule the votes of members 15. Only the Mod and Co-Mods can stamp members..if you decide to stamp another member without permission from the Co-Mods or myself..Banned. 16. If you are accepted, put the accepted banner in your userinfo..it helps with promoting..thanks. 17. This is also a MEMBERTS ONLY community. Just JOIN on the userinfo and then post your application.


Banners* Promotion Accepted Rejected

Mods* kandi_x0x_eyez Nicole/Mod noloser_aboozer Ali/co-Mod