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hott sex's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
hott sex

are you hott enough ??
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myspace [Wednesday
// September ♥ 13th ]

To know me more visit myspace


tell me how is myspace?
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hi [Thursday
// September ♥ 7th ]

Listen at night.... http://www.realmusic.ru/elena_shuman
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// August ♥ 24th ]

I don't know how to start to tell you about my self. I go to school in Chico state university, Chico , California , USA. My major is computer engineering. I live in USA for 6 years now. I like it here because I met a lot of people from all over the world. I spent my time with my computer designing stuff in Photoshop and Front Page . I like to go out with my friends to watch movies and set in starbucks. I always make my self busy. I love to meet people who open minded. yes i'm from middle eastern but doesn't mean that i'm bad.

I just join livejournal to meet cool people like you. and also to tell whatever we want her if you can't say it in the real life.

ADD me....
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// December ♥ 13th ]


im new ♥Collapse )

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pLeAzZz... [Tuesday
// September ♥ 27th ]
[ mood | curious ]

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Add me for me [Tuesday
// August ♥ 30th ]

[ mood | apathetic ]

My name is David.

I am an atheist.

I enjoy reading but procrastinate so much that I don't read a whole lot.

I like Ayn Rand and Terry Goodkind.

I work at Panda Express and The Gap.

I don't have pictures because I don't have a camera. I have a My Space account with old pictures.

I have problems.

If you think I am worth adding at all add me. Note that I did call myself an Atheist and I am not compatible with HIGHLY religious people. I like girls with big boobs and who are older than me.

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im a camera whore... oh well [Wednesday
// August ♥ 3rd ]
[ mood | creative ]


me stuck at home all day... aloneCollapse )

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