Hey Everyone! Im here to introduce myself. Even though the mods already know me from school. lol. IM Lauren!!!!!!!!! And me and sarah (asswad) are sitting here in her computer room and i decided to post something goofy cute, since no one is doing it..... um.... whats goofy cute? What can i write about? honestly, if anyone has any suggestions on what to post here, let me know!! Until then... Ill tell you about my boy friend strike! Ive decided not to have any more boyfriends becuase i am tired of there drama and problems! haha. Im out to live life with my friends and have fun without worrying about commitments and whatnot.. Well, sweet sayanora! <3<3<3<3

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Sexuality: ......straight?
Status: many boyfriends (jk jk) no.....

Five favorite bands: Taking back sunday, underoath, deathcab for cutie, saves the day, hawthorne heights and many many more.
Five favorite movies: jay and silent bob strike back, queen of the damned, half baked, purple rain, the lost boys
Two favorite books: romeo and juliet, penthouse ;-P
Ten favorite things in life that you couldn't live without (besides food, shelter, etc.): boom boom, music, phone, computer, friends, a toothbrush, justin, tyler, chrissy, sarah.... and YOU

*Opinions (Please don't give me bull shit answers like "who cares" or "iono". kthnx.)
Abortion: i think if thats what she wants, let her get one
Homosexuality: I think its GREAT! If you love them it doesnt matter to me whats in ur pants. hehheehhe
Pre-Marital sex: hmmm...... If u are suuure

God? we wont go there....... idk abotu anything
Love romantically between two people? It can happen and will happen many times to everyone. lol i think
Love at first site? YES...... but most likely the person ur looking at doesnt feel the same way
The word 'ugly'? Its COOL.

Give us AT LEAST three pictures of yourself + a 100X100.

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