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Well howdoyado Mr.Blain.

Name: Mariah
Age: 14
Sexuality: Straight
Status: Single

Five favorite bands:
The Cure, Senses Fail, NIN, Maroon 5, Funeral for a Friend.
Five favorite movies: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Edward Scissorhands, Supersize Me, and I recently saw Meet the Fockers which was pretty funny. I also like Cry Baby.
Two favorite books: The Odyssey, Girl with a Pearl Earring
Ten favorite things in life that you couldn't live without (besides food, shelter, etc.): Music, Friends, Bass Guitar, Pictures, Mascara, Sneakers, Flat Iron, Jeans, Hoodies, Cups

*Opinions (Please don't give me bull shit answers like "who cares" or "iono". kthnx.)
Honestly, It depends. If the baby was created by parents who knew the risks of having sex then abortion should not be a legal option. They can not ruin one innocent childs life just because they screwed up in theirs. As far as rape victims who become impregnated, they should be offered the option of abortion.

Homosexuality: I don't have a problem with peoples prefrences on anything. Its their desicion to hold that opinion and I will respect the fact that they firmly believe in it. Homosexuality included. People should be able to express their love despite gender.
Pre-Marital sex: It happens. But the consequences are no ones fault but the ones who did it. Don't complain about something you created.

I don't necessarily believe in god. I have morals. I don't feel the need to feel like I must follow the beliefs of wrong and right of one man. I should be able to decide whats wrong and right for me. I do not need to feel like I'm constantly being watched over. But thats just me. I dont mind people who do believe though.
Love romantically between two people? Is possible. But true loves actual form has be skewed the last couple of years. I have 15 year old friends who believe they are in love. They don't know love. Love is the one soul person you think about as you lye on your deathbed. Not some of these people who walk around and say and don't mean it.
Love at first site? Spelled site wrong. Sight. But anyways. I can understand getting feelings as someone you first introduced to but I dont believe you can honestly fall in love at the first sight of someone.
The word 'ugly'? Actually I use it. To describe looks. Yes Im mean sometimes. But Im not brutally blunt.

Give us AT LEAST three pictures of yourself a 100X100. title or description left title or description title or description title or description title or description title or description


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