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Applcation thingie

Name:Alyssa or Lyss
Sexuality:straight thank you very much

Five favorite bands:Senses Fail,Taking Back Sunday,The Starting Line,The Early November,Fall Out Boy
Five favorite movies:Thirteen,The Virgin Suicides,Love Actually,The Breakfast Club,Eurotrip
Two favorite books:The Alist,Angus,Thongs and full frontal snogging,1984,Gossip Girl,Cut
Ten favorite things in life that you couldn't live without (besides food, shelter, etc.):MUSIC and the computer

*Opinions (Please don't give me bull shit answers like "who cares" or "iono". kthnx.)
Abortion:totally against it
Homosexuality:it doesn't really bother me, i mean who am i too tell someone who they should love?
Pre-Marital sex:Im not sure, i know its wrong,yet it seems unavoidable to soem extent.

God?yes i so
Love romantically between two people?yes,without love,where would this world be?
Love at first site?lust at 1st site yeah...love im not so sure about
The word 'ugly'?
in reference to other people no....in refremce to me....ABSOLUTLY
Give us AT LEAST three pictures of yourself + a 100X100.

hehe sarah knows why i don't have em

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