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I Name: jennilynn Age: 21 Gender: female Sexuality:… - slightly mental. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
slightly mental.

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[Jan. 15th, 2006|09:10 pm]
slightly mental.

Name: jennilynn
Age: 21
Gender: female
Sexuality: heterosexual
Chinese/Zodiac Sign: scorpio
Ethnicity: caucasian
Hair/Eye Color: blonde/green
Height: 5'9"
Where you live now: pittsburgh
Where you were born: allentown
Where you want to live: italy
Some of your hobbies: i make bracelets, i surf the net like nobodys business and i read self help books

Describe Your personal style. (The way you dress/How others perceive you/or just be creative): i wouldnt say my clothing style is that unique... i love american eagle personally, but i dont think that makes me any less artistic. i was one of the popular girls in high school, until i moved away to college and realized theres so much more to life than being popular.

Do you have any body modifications? sure do!! my ears are all pierced up, i have a nipple ring and a belly button ring, and two tattoos. i love them all.

Favorite genres/sub genres of music: anything that has lyrics that actually mean something.

Favorite Bands/Musicians: fiona apple and charlotte martin... along with something corporate and dave matthews.

How would you describe the people you socialize with? i love my boyfriend very much and spend lots of time with him... hes wonderful. my roommates are all very studious and random... and thats pretty much my group of friends.

Are you a loner? Leader? Follower? im pretty much a loner... besides being with my boy

Things you are obsessed with (Fetishes): kittens, and the italian language and culture

What are some things you find beautiful? languages and itelligence

What are some things you find ugly? i dont think there are many things in this world that are ugly... besides all the fat that clings to my bones.

Do you have any disorders/special conditions? mmhmm

If so and you don't mind sharing, what are they? im ed-nos [eating disorder not otherwise specified], major depressive disorder with psychotic tendencies, post traumatic stress disorder, and heavily medicated

How do these affect you? if i dont take my meds im virtually incapacitated... and it really hurts my concentration when it comes to college

What is your biggest fear? separation

Do you have vivid dreams? sometimes, but they escape my memory soon after i wake up

If you remember any, and would like to share, what are some interesting ones you've had?

Would you consider yourself a deep thinker? generally... especially when im stoned ;)

Do you believe in heaven and hell?: i wouldnt say im a firm believer in either, however after reading dantes inferno for a class, it really makes me second guess myself.

Do you believe in ghosts and the paranormal?: my sister took a picture in a haunted house when we were younger.. theres a figure in the photo that looks paranormal, but i cant be sure.

Do you believe eyes are the windows to the soul? absolutely. theres nothing more honest than a visual expression

What are your educational/carrer plans for now, and the future? im currently a junior at college, studying italian. eventually id like to move to italy to be a study abroad advisor

Are you interested or currently involved with anything of artistic value? (Photography, writing of any form, drawing, sketching, any kind of digital art)
If so, please post samples, and explain your medium.
umm... sure. i like digital photography and i write some essays, but im very shy about posting... im going to try to duck out of this question. if youd really like some samples, comment and maybe ill post them later

Do you play any type of musical instruments? yep. im a singer and a piano player [i used to be a music major] and i dabble in several other instruments as well

If you could be doing anything right now, what would you be doing?: laying in bed watching the simpsons with my favorite boyfriend ever!

Our Curiosity
Where did you find this community? it was in a comment on another rating community... i forget. it was through somebody else's promotion♥

What is the first thing that comes to mind about this community? for real? ive been looking for a 'rating' community who would accept me for who i am. i havent been very lucky with other communities.

Please provide us with a picture of yourself that you would like us to use for the accepted members page. Size doesn't matter, the MODS will resize it.

If you like to you can provide us with your screen name, e-mail address, any websites that you own, etc to be placed under your user name in the accepted members page.
AIM = vashajen
email = vashajen@hotmail.com

Pictures - Post atleast 3 good pictures of yourself.

* If you'd like, tell us anything interesting about yourself that was left out of the application.
well, anything youd like to know, im more than willing to answer questions!

*Promote us to one person you find fitting for the community

[i needed a place to put this temporarily]