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Now listen up, I put a lot of effort into this so take your time and read everything.

1// All applicants must post under an l-j cut. The code for a cut is in the application form so you should have no problem with it.
2// The application form must be kept the way it is with all codes there for easy reading.
3// You make skip up to 4 questions on the application for whatever reason you have to not full them out. [I suggest you fill out the whole thing]
4// Never try to hurt somebody's feelings. You can point out what you dislikes about the person or application, but DO NOT say things such as "you're really ugly" or "you're effing retarded" That's unacceptable here.
5// Please keep the cursing down to a minimum.
6// All ages welcome!
7// First 20 members are automatically accepted no matter what.
8// You can get kicked out or warned if you break the rules, so make sure you keep these in kind at all times.
9// Stay active with random picture, story or question posts.
10// You may promote here but keep it under an lj cut.
11// If you have any further questions contact me, Lauren [--you're mod ;)--] at x vanishing iris on AIM or my e-mail address fallwieeinsterb@yahoo.com

Name: Lauren
Location: Long Island, New York, United States
Birthday: May 19, 1991
Five Favorite Bands:
+ 40 Below Summer
+ A Dark Mourning
+ The Beatles
+ Bright Eyes
+ My Chemical Romance
Five Favorite Movies:
+ Empire Records
+ Alice In Wonderland
+ Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
+ Benny and Joon
+ The Wizard Of Oz
Two Favorite Actors:
+ Rory Cochrane
+ Johnny Depp

Short Opinions [fill in a few words to describe the category--don't write an essay on each]
Pro-choice is: good.
Metal Music is: acceptable to my ears when I'm in a particular mood.
Labeling is: annoying as hell.
The color pink is: pretty for occasions.
My favorite color is: green and purple.

Picture [s]


That's about it for me.

Fill this out in a NORMAL UPDATING WINDOW This means: do not click "use the rich text mode." when filling out your application. If you need help inserting a picture ask me on AIM or send an e-mail. Do not post links to pictures please. It is really annoying.

When promoting to places please either use the code:


Please promote and vote as much as you can.

Have fun.