Sad Day :(


I've been thinking...Yes it did hurt me head! :P I have come to a conclusion...I don't think I belong in the group...I think I'm more R'n'B Popish and I don't have a clue about most of the bands you people say your into...You all vote yes when I'm thinking no, so I deffinately think that I'm kinda out of place being here...Do you agree with me? Or is it good that I'm different? I have a feeling that it isn't...Because I will always be like hmmm...I don't have a clue who these bands are and I don't like the app, when everyone else does....

Hit me back guys...NOTHING nasty!

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I'm going out of state to fucking Chattanooga, Tennessee probably the most boring place to go on a vacation, but it was my sisters idea. Anyways I wont have access to a computer so I wont be able to update I just wanted to let everyone know I didn't like drop off the face of the Earth or anything and I haven't been active because I've been really busy, SORRY! ...but so this isn't boring and pointless I'll leave you all with this question:

How should I cut my hair?Collapse )
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