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Name: Char
Location: London…England
Birthday: 17th October ‘89
Five Favorite Bands:
+ Funeral For A Friend
+ Rancid
+ Blink 182
+ The Killers
+ Brand New
Five Favorite Movies:
+ 28 Days Later
+ Gladiator
+ Dude, Where’s My Car?
+ The English Patient
+ The Village

Two Favorite Actors:
+ Joaquin Phoenix
+ Gary Oldman

Short Opinions:
Pro-choice is: the people’s right to choose. So it’s good.
Metal Music is: metallic.
Labeling is: irritating unless you feel like insulting
The color pink is: okay if you’re in a certain mood...but so cute on guys
My favorite color is: black and purple


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    HEY GUYS JOIN... uhoherection !!!

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    please take me off ur friends list ur not added on mine thanks

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