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<b>Name:</b> Stacy
<b>Location:</b> Lakeland, Florida
<b>Birthday or Age</b> August 16, 1987 (17)
<b>Five Favorite Bands:</b>
  + The Used
  + The Distillers
  + The Cure
  + Saves The Day
  + Mindless Self Indulgence
<b>Five Favorite Movies:</b>
  + IT
  + Never Been Kissed
  + Nightmare Before Christmas
  + Riding In Cars With Boys
  + White Chicks
<b>Two Favorite Actors:</b>
  + Lucille Ball
  + Tom Cruise

<b>Short Opinions</b> [fill in a few words to describe the category--don't write an essay on each]
<i>Pro-choice is:</i> All for it
<i>Metal Music is:</i> When in the mood, good
<i>Labeling is:</i> Stupid
<i>The color pink is:</i> Sweetness
<i>My favorite color is:</i> PINK!

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    HEY GUYS JOIN... uhoherection !!!

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    please take me off ur friends list ur not added on mine thanks

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