Karen (miss_terious_02) wrote in _____distraught,

Name: Karen
Location: Just outside London, England
Birthday or Age: 2nd June 1987 = 17
Five Favorite Bands:
+ Maron 5
+ No Doubt
+ Rooster
+ Ashlee Simpson - I know not a band!!
+ Outcast
Five Favorite Movies:
+ Cruel Intentions
+ American Pie
+ K-pax
+ Girl Interrupted
Two Favorite Actors:
+ Chad Michael Murray
+ Kevin Spacey

Short Opinions [fill in a few words to describe the category--don't write an essay on each]
Pro-choice is: I don't think we have this over here...If we have, I don't have a clue about it...Is it something to do with politics??
Metal Music is: I don't listen to it really, but find the need to move my head to it when the bands at school play it...
Labeling is: Again I'm not totally sure, but I'm thinkin this is putting people into catagories?? I think everyone is their own person, so shouldn't be done...
The color pink is: Great...Its so close to my fav colour lilac and I went through a phase where I hated it, but now I'm back to liking it.
My favorite color is: LILAC!! I duno why! I think becuase it is a uni-sex colour, but can still remain feminine...

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    HEY GUYS JOIN... uhoherection !!!

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    please take me off ur friends list ur not added on mine thanks

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