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oh, it hurts to be this good.

Name: Meg
Location: NY
Birthday or Age 15
Five Favorite Bands:
+ brand new
+ the blood brothers
+ senses fail
+ the used
+ yellowcard
Five Favorite Movies:
+ elephant
+ thirteen
+ donnie darko
+ homeroom
+ the wizard of oz
Two Favorite Actors:
+ judy garland
+ jake gylenhaal

Short Opinions [fill in a few words to describe the category--don't write an essay on each]
Pro-choice is: i'm anti-abortion. after reading about the procedures they use, i don't see how anyone could be pro-choice.
Metal Music is: not something i've ever listened to.
Labeling is: a waste of time.
The color pink is: overrated.
My favorite color is: blue.

One place I promoted this community to is:
[place link here]

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    please take me off ur friends list ur not added on mine thanks

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