Al (biomech_druid) wrote in _____distraught,

Name: Al
Location: San Juan, PR (originally from NJ, moving back next year)
Birthday or Age: Aug 5
Five Favorite Bands:
+ Rudimentary Peni
+ D.I.R.T.
+ The Vaselines
+ Discharge
+ Misfits (old)
Five Favorite Movies:
+ Gummo
+ Julien Donkey Boy
+ Full Metal Jacket
+ The Holy Mountain
+ A Clockwork Orange
Two Favorite Actors:
+ Samuel L Jackson
+ Klaus Kinski

Short Opinions
Pro-choice is: a woman is entitled to any choice
Metal Music is: \m/
Labeling is: I don't believe in labels, it can lead to false judgement.
The color pink is: cute
My favorite color is: black


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    HEY GUYS JOIN... uhoherection !!!

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    please take me off ur friends list ur not added on mine thanks

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