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Hiyee all.
You've probably realized I'm totally slacking on the updates in here.
Unfortunately, I think I'm gonna have to say my good-byes to this community.
I have zero time to stay active.
I luuhhhhvvee you all.
Feel free to add me if you want :]

Love always

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I'm closing this community. It died. :-/

Oh well. So everybody can leave lol.

If anybody actually wants to take it over I'll delete the mod section and you can run it.. but I wouldn't try because It's not goingf anywhere
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I haven't updated in this for like 18 thousand years.
Here's el scoopula.
I haven't been up to much, really, but school is killing me. There's this boy I like too but he doesnt like me, it's kind of sad, but it's okay, because in this case I would kind of just rather be friends [LIAR!]
Yesterday, I dyed my hair dark dark brown, and I can't say I hate it.
^ Click that bia.
Yeah this entry has no substance but what can ya do?