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____!!!bust a moby!!!____
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basic info.

+ Name =
+ Place of current residence =
+ Gender =
+ Purpose =

things and stuff

+ Languages spoken =
+ Number of real-life friends =
+ Guilty Pleasure(s) =
+ Why you are 2 k3wL 4 Sk00L =
+ Boy vs. Girl sexual attraction percentages =

favorites, etc.

+ Music =
+ Dance moves =
+ Color of vinyl =
+ Medium (ie, 4 track, cd, mp3, vinyl) =
+ Films/TV =
+ Fashion =
+ Books =
+ School subjects =
+ Phrase/Quote =
+ Sexual fetish(........es) =

standpoints on...

+ The "scene"/"scene" kids =
+ Short black hair =
+ Soda, Mayonaise, Gum =
+ Stalking =
+ Rap =
+ Porn =
+ dancing in the hallways at school or during fire drills... even in the middle of class during tests=

Be sure to include pictures [at least one not from an obscure angle, thxxx]. Brownie points if you include dance-eque pixx, and i looove brownies.

or you could switch it up and be creative in your application...
!!!, adhd, arab on radar, art, ashley, beastie boys, beat happening, beck, big hair, black dice, blectum from blechdom, blur, boys in tight pants, boyvsgirl fistfights, brassy, chain smoking, chicks on speed, chocolate milk, cigarettes, cornelious, crossover, dance dance revolution, dance parties, deee-lite, diesel, diners, dinosaurs, dorkdom, drive like jehu, electric six, electro, electroclash, elitism, fake french, fashion, fashionxcore revival, fattiez4lyfe, feeling infinite, fire drills, fucking (hard), going both ways, good shitty music, gravy train!!!!, hardcore shows, i-am-robot-and-proud, imperial teen, internal/external, ipods, irony, japanese street fashion, junior senior, k records, karen o, kathleen hanna, kitsch, kraftwerk, ladytron, lankiness, lcd soundsystem, le shok, le tigre, les savy fav, liars, lj drama, m83, manitoba, melt-banana, mixtapes, moving units, music snobs, need new body, new order, northern state, nyc, out hud, outkast, peaches, perpetual groove, pet shop boys, photography, playa hatin, pretentiousness, proper grammar, pumas, red light sting, ritalin, robots, sahara hotnights, sarcasm, sass, scissor sisters, sharks, shows, soft pink truth, spanish radio stations, superphsycohyperelectronicadansepartymania, the b-52's, the clash, the dishes, the faint, the gossip, the liars, the pixies, the ramones, the rapture, the vibrators, toxic, tracy and the plastics, trans am, trash talking, tss, underwear dance parties, vegeterianism, vinyl, x-ray spex, yeah yeah yeahs, you!