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_____community's Journal

We Are V.R.
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This is a community for anything you want it to be. Post stuff about anything, seriously anything; whether it be punk rock or hot_fashion or fucking pornography: it doesn't matter.

The only rule is that you respect everyone. You shouldn't be here if you're just going to make fun of everything someone/anyone posts.

ac/dc, afghan whigs, ancient egypt, art, awesome, balogna, beethoven, ben sisto, biking, bill cosby, books, boston, boys, brad pitt, brahms, bravo fucking bravo, breasts, britain, cars, cats, cave in, cheese, chinese women, city of caterpillar, classic rock, classical music, clothing, cologne, communities, community, composers, computers, converge, cookies, da band, dashboard confessional, daughters, dogs, electricity, elvis presley, emo, england, explosions, fashion, ferris beulers day off, fucking, fun, get awesome, girls, glue, hampstead, hardcore, hip hop, honeypump, hot cross, hot_fashion, hum, indie, isis, jake quarrell, jawbreaker, jets to brazil, john mccarthy, journey, k records, keys, kissing, ladies, lame, laundry, led zeppelin, level plane, literature, livejournal, lord of the rings, majority rule, malady, massachusetts, mattress, me, mesopotamia, metal, mice, modest mouse, moulin rouge, movies, mozart, mtv, music, neil perry, new england, new hampshire, new york city, old man gloom, painting, penis, pg99, photography, pizza, plastic, poetry, porcelain, pretzels, pt anderson, punk rock, radiohead, reading, rock, saetia, saves the day, school, screamo, sex, shellac, shoegaze, shoes, showers, skateboarding, skid row, slippers, spies, stanley kubrick, the beatles, the breakfast club, the get up kids, the rentals, the rolling stones, thursday, tom cruise, transistor transistor, trees, tube amps, u2, united states, us, vagina, vanilla sky, veganism, weezer, wes anderson, wolves, wood, wrestling, writing, you