apagon + ohsnap! = love

If anyone out there hasn't already heard about Apagon, you probably should. they're the newest addition to the OS!R roster of scarborough maine superstars, and the little demo they've stuck up online (which may or may not end up in some form of mini release on ohsnap!) has really grown on me. They're a group of sexy young men that stretch the themes of metal to their melodic most without forsaking all heavyness, nor death metal's traditionally brutal low growl (and guitarist/singer shane's rendition is quite impressive). The guitars are a laid back and less agressive death and black metal style with a lot of intersting solo work, as well as their own quirky spin on the music in the same way one might describe the stylings of fellow OS! sexymen Midriff. There is also some slight resemblence to Apagon members' long-dead former project Robust, despite the stark change in genre.

Their two-song demo dealy can be found at http://www.purevolume.com/apagon/, and there's more on all the ohsnap happenings at http://ohsnaprecords.xasm.net/, as always. Check it out, yo!

(ohsnaprecords AT yahoo.com)
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The Battle for WHFS

Hey everybody. I need your help.

My friends at WHFS are in a real bad situation right now after being fucked over by the jackasses at Infinity Broadcasting. As you probably read from my previous post, they lost their jobs with little to no notice yesterday when WHFS was suddenly replaced on the FM dial with El Zol, a spanish-language pop station.

If you can help me out, send an e-mail to Joel Hollander, president and COO of Infinity Broadcasting at joel.hollander@infinitybroadcasting.com and demand that WHFS be put back on the air. Even if you're not familiar with the station, trust me in that it is a vital part of the D.C. music scene.

For those that are in the D.C. area, there are tentative plans for a protest at the Asylum Wake-Skate-Snow store at 819 7th street NW Saturday morning at 11:00 AM. I'll update if there's any change in those plans here.

A lot of you not from the D.C. area may not be aware of WHFS, but for years the station has helped many a struggling band get national recognition and acclaim. The annual HFStival is a highlight of the concert season on the East Coast and was even immortalized in the Good Charlotte song "Festival Song", the video for which was even shot at the HFStival!

Please don't let this Washington institution go away when there is less and less variety on the airwaves each day.

Thanks a lot and take care,
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