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All of my claimings!

Movies: Still Crazy, Underworld, and Just Like Heaven

Actors: Bill Nighy and George Clooney

Actresses: Catherine Zeta Jones and Reese Witherspoon

Characters: Viktor (Bill Nighy - Underworld), Ray Simms (Bill Nighy - Still Crazy), Astrid Simms (Helena Bergstrom - Still Crazy) Zorro (Antonio Banderas - Mask and Legend of Zorro), Helena ( Catherine Zeta Jones - Mask and Legend of Zorro), Lestat de Lioncourt (Tom Cruise - Interview with the Vampire), Louis de Pointe Au Lac (Brad Pitt - Interview...), Santiago (Stephen Rea - Interview...), and Achilles (Brad Pitt - Troy)

Character Rivalries: Louis vs Santiago (Interview with the Vampire), ans Ray Simms vs Les Wickes (Still Crazy).

Character Friendships: Lestat and Louis (Interview...)

Character Relationships: Viktor/Amelia (Underworld), Ray/Astrid (Still Crazy), Ray/Karen (Still Crazy), Kraven/Erika (Underworld).

Movie Families: Ray and Astrid Simms (because they've been married and she's lucky), and Lestat, Louis, and Claudia.

Scenes: Viktor killing a Lycan with his bare hands (Underworld), Ray Simms reciting a hot, intense, and sexy poem at his daughter's wedding (Still Crazy), Strange Fruit singing "All Over The World" in Antwerp (Still Crazy), and Lestat taking over the guy's car in Interview with the Vampire, at the end.

Quotes: -Les: "...even in a pisshole like Hoogeven!" -Tony: "Gronigen" -Les: "Hm?" -Tony: "We're in Gronigen. The Hoogeven pisshole is tomorrow." (Still Crazy)

-Ray: *reciting his poem* "Love is the heat that melts the wax of wings. Fly close to that heat, dear girl, fly close. For when the smoke clears, what remains? The sweet kissing breaths of your lips and thighs and sky blue eyes that love."

Locations: London, the whole UK, Greece, Italy, California, Florida, New York.

Props/Costumes: Viktor's big sword (Underworld) and Ray's heels (Still Crazy)
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