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one. This is a RATING community. If you can't take criticism, or you're ugly, don't waste your time.

two. Submit your application within 24 hours of joining.

three. You CANNOT vote on other applications until you are accepted, obviously, so don't do it, fucker.

four. Majority rules in voting.

five. Members have two days to vote, or whenever people stop voting on your application. Then one of the mods will count the votes and stamp you. Don't be a dumbass and make posts asking if you were accepted or not; we'll get around to it when we want.

six. If you're rejected, don't delete your application and make yourself seem even more lame.

seven. If you're rejected, you can apply again, if you want to, in one week.

eight. After being accepted, put "yes" or "no" in the subject line when voting.

nine. Do not promote other communities to us or you will be banned.

**TEN.** Applicants CANNOT comment on ANY post, except for on their application. AND MAKE SURE YOU KEEP THOSE REPLIES TO A MINIMUM. that shit is annoying.




EVERYTHING goes behind a LJ-cut.
For those of you who don't know how to do it: [minus the stars, of course.]
<*lj-cut text="application">
-application goes here-

and to show pictures, it is <*img src="URL of the picture" alt="t"/>, minus the stars.
Yes, we even did the HTML shit for you, so be greatful, and put some thought into the application.
Also, do NOT paste this into rich text; the outcome will NOT come out right.

t t


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thirteen. soakingsympathy
fourteen. myxsilentxtears
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sixteen. innerbeautypunk
seventeen. celluloid_tears/_itstheway
eighteen. anglarna
ninteen. cursingconcrete
twenty. cerealisdeath
twenty one. mydadhatesme
twenty two. obey virus
twenty three. lalapoike02
twenty four. brytt_sex
twenty five. dancesirendance
twenty six. im_done_feeling
twenty seven. xclose_my_eyesx
twenty eight. eaterofsouls
twenty nine. gun_called_love
thirty. kids_near_water
thirty one. pooopinashoe
thirty two. tootragic
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