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ok so the past few weeks i have been like, craving Mario Party for N64.
does anyone have it and want to sell it to me, or know of a place i can get it?
any help is much appreciated.


Show saturday!!!! Tell all your friends!!!!!!

2204 SE 6th lane
cape coral, fl!
July 7th!

david's house

6:30 pm.


ryan lay acoustic-(local indie acoustic stuff!)
otters-(noise rock meets charles bronson with some surf influence from melbourne, fl)
cheer up!-(post hc/experimental indie noise from orlando)
we'll dance like ghosts on rooftops-(local screamy kids)
+maybe one more tba??

flier soon!

please come out and support local music and touring bands, all money goes to touring bands as always, spread the word if you can.
stay awesome, stay diy!

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At Beatnik's Cafe in Cape Coral.
Starts at 6 pm I believe?
Correct me if I'm wrong!

My band (This Is A Hymn) is on last, we have lots of fun things in store (i.e. beach balls!)

If you like alternative music, come listen!