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Hey I'm new and I had a question to ask.

I've received some new acrylics, brushes, canvas, and a pallet for christmas.
This would be my first time painting at home with "professional" so to speak, materials.
After completeing one peice so far, I forgot to clean off my pallet right away.
So I think 'dry paint, no big deal'. I go to the sink and run hot water over it and use a sponge to clean it. It takes a few minutes but it's finally clean. My father comes storming into the room saiying that I had just ruined the garbage disposal, and that it's going to clog. But here I am thinking that none of the paint came off in blobs. It's water based and came off without trouble.
So Should I even be worried that I wrecked the disposal or shrug him off?

oh and to share a bit of art, this is my first painted I've ever done, with watercolor:
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gallery show starts tonight!

Michelle is having her first official gallery show at Rarebreed in Philadelphia...

Opening: October 15th, 2005
Closing November 14th, 2005

Rarebreed is located at 1735a South Street

mon-fri 12pm-8pm
sat 12pm-8pm
sun closed

reception will be held at Rarebreed on October 15th from 7pm until 9:30pm.

afterparty is CANCELLED.

acrylic paints for sale

Click on thumbnail to go to the auction.
Lot of 30 assorted acrylic paints. 5 day auction. Ends Aug-07-05 16:16:43 PDT

thanks for looking... I am not sure how old these are, because I inherited a huge box of them from a friend. There were many multiples, and I separated out a set for myself - they work wonderfully! They are all unopened, and unused! The tubes are a little crinkly from being in boxes, but they are clean and ready to use! This is a must have for anyone looking to expand their palette!