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Here's a little about me that I wrote awhile ago, originally for all the people on Skype who kept asking about me. Feel free to ask questions and to add me to your lj or to any messengers we have in common.
Name: Tiffany but I prefer Tiffanitsa or Tiff
Age: 24
Location: America, (New Jersey), but put Greece above all countries
Gender: female
Status: in a relationship with a wonderful man.
Looking for: friends who share at least some of my interests and who like reading my crazy entries. No sex or relationship. My boyfriend is 63, so there's no such thing as too old, but please only add me if you're a legal adult in your country of residence.
Music: rebetika from the 30's/40's and early laika, English music from the 50's through the 70's, .
Other Likes: Cooking, coffee, dominoes, divination, cigarettes, animals, my Macbook and collecting stuff
Religion: Hellenic Polytheism (gods/goddesses)
Job: work from home as a business development specialist.
I'm also totally blind so don't send pics please. My computer speaks to me.

I won't bombard you with more info, since it's in my profile. Geia sas and hope to talk soon!
hold hands and waste friday<3

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danielle. legal. bay area california.
i hate being called dani, but everyone calls me it anyways. i'm sarcastic. i'm random. i'm dorky. i'm girly. i sleep all day, and stay up allnight. i'm always going on random adventures. i love photography, but who doesn't? i drink like an alcoholic, i cuss like a salior, and i have a dirtier mind than most guys. i always have a smile on my face. i have low self-esteem but its not obvious. i'm obsessed with anything disney. i say hella and like wayy to much. i'm probably one of the sweetest girls you'll ever meet. i post randomness of my life& i like making new friends.

best friend's. music. party's. show's. photography. sleeping. my sidekick. arizona ice tea. late night phone calls. texting. dancing the night away. horror movies. box wine. family. burritos. looking at the stars. mad dog20/20. tattoos. piercings. sushi. movies. adventures. anything disney. mac dre. big yellow flowers. slurpees. makeup. the beach. big sunglasses. heavyheavylowlow. &muchh more.

go to my journal.
add&comment please,
lets be friends kay?

Hello everyone!

Hi, I am Chloe. I am 18 from Cambridgeshire in England
This is a new livejournal {i've had several others before}

I'm gunna keep this short and sweet!

So if you're looking for a new live journal friend.
add me? and i'll obviously add you back

I need some friends, and I like to read and comment on journals.

So whatcha waiting for. :)
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The Greatest Man That Ever Lived.

This is a Jamie. You're possibly frightened right now.

I'll give you the basics right off the bat. I'm a pretty effeminate guy. Hell, some people on my list are seeing me for the first time right here, and they're going "wait, wait, wait, Jamie's not a girl?" I'm wildly atypical for a guy who has 'settle down and start a traditional family' on their life goals list, but what can you do? If you have a problem with girly guys, you won't like me, at all. I wear make-up, I love girl clothes, and the only thing remotely testosterone-driven about my personality is how fiercely I protect the ones I love, especially girls. So, there's your fair warning.

I'm an artist. I dabble in everything. I write often. I've been writing stories since the third grade, and I have a flair for the supernatural, teen noir, and romance. I also write screenplays. My greatest love is music, however. I spend almost all of my time talking about it in-depth, and I love finding people who care about it just as much as I do. I play bass guitar, and I'm a lyricist. I've been a part of a couple bands, but nothing serious, and that kills me, because music is the one thing I wish to pursue full force. Music is my life. Yes, there are lots of things I wouldn't mind doing, but none of them compare.

I live in Wisconsin right now. I have since the first grade. Before then, I spent time in Las Vegas and Oakland, but Wisconsin was my place of birth. I really hate it here. A lot. I'm currently pursuing acceptance to Academy of Art University, an art school in San Francisco, for screenwriting. If this fails on me . . . I'm still going to get the hell out of here. Wisconsin is just doing my head in. I've got to get out.

My LJ has a lot to do with my own personal thoughts. Unfortunately, I often suffer from really awful bouts of depression, and I let it known. I'm trying to get better, though, and things will be picking up for me by next year. But . . . I never know, with me. I'm wildly erratic. If you don't like dealing with depressing people, I'm probably wrong for you.

I typically like to friend and comment artists, or people who are just genuinely interesting. If that's you, then we'll be best friends.

Howdy hoooo

Hi there everyone!

My lj friends have become unresponsive so im looking to add more. I post intermittently but I like reading posts and commenting if I fancy them.
Just got back from studying abroad in Germany and I loved it there. Ill add anyone from anywhere!!

I love watching movies and have an eccentric taste in music but favorite musicians are....The Beatles, Incubus, Bob Dylan, John Mayer etc.
I'm a 5th year senior that is about to finish college! Marketing major and I like many other soon to be college graduates dont know what I want to do.

Oo I love coffee too!

Friend Me

About Me
Davey. 27. Bisexual. Married without children. Works full time. Currently out of school.

Actors -- David Tennant, John Simm, Timothy Olyphant, Sacha Baron Cohen, Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet, Freema Agyeman, Colin Firth, Julie Walters.
TV -- Doctor Who, Taxi, The Office, British dramas.
Movies -- Life is Beautiful, Hello! Dolly, Borat, Anchorman, 40 Year-old Virgin, Calendar Girls, Casanova.
Music -- soundtracks, Muse, Scissor Sisters, Coconut Records, The Wombats, Billie Piper, Lifehouse.

I don't drive. I find science fascinating. I love my job but hate my boss. I constantly daydream.

Please Don't Friend Me If...
You're homophobic. You only talk about school. You talk about doing drugs.

Please comment here to be added.
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Jaymee; 16 ; new york
i like music, movies, food, CATS<3, and some other cool shit.
i love to read and write, but math is not my thing.
a few of my fav bands are: the honorary title, emmure, atmosphere (im very versatile)
im really nice and lovley and i love conversations good one.
I take much pride in being a Libra, i love astrology.
im usually on myspace, if theres ever a day my myspace isnt working you can count on me being in a shitty mood.
i loooovvvvvveeee hair and makeup, i can talk about that with you all day.
anxiety eats away at my brain.
IM HERE TO MAKE FRIENDS, nice ones. =p

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I just turned 22 last month.
I am looking for some live journal friends that can handle
someone being a bit different from them. I use my journal
mostly to vent out my problems and my opinions on things.
I'm looking for someone that comments on a daily basis
such as I do. I am your typical 22 year old who loves to party,
drink, dance, and meet new people.
:-) add me if i'm your ideal friend