1. name-Ashley
2. age-14
3. location-Cape Coral
4. gender-Female
5. marital status (picture?)--ill have one soon...
6. favorite bands (no more than 10)...blink,new found,green day,trapt,fall out boy, alkaline trio...anything rock
7. favorite books-...
8. favortie movie-...
9. last show/concert you went to-X fest
10. 10 interests- Music, Surfing, Chillin with friends, Skim boarding, eating,my guitar, my computer, mountain DEW!...umm guys and emo!
11. hobbies-
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[Unknown LJ tag] application:
1. name --> Lily or Lilay.
2. age -->14
3. location -->Buckingham, Florida. ( you have no idea how cool i feel saying that. lol)
4. gender -->Female.
5. marital status (picture?)-->Single.. as always
6. favorite bands (no more than 10)-->bright eyes, Dream theater, AAR, Alkaline Trio,Badly Drawn Boy, Cursive, TBS, Rufio, Fall out boy, senses fail. (so many more..)
7. favorite books --> i dont read much.. at all..
8. favortie movies --> Clerks, Finding Nemo, Texas Chainsaw (wow.. big stretch there), Mulin Roughe, yeah.
9. last show/concert you went to --> Umm.. wow. i dont remember.. I was going to go to the AFI concert, but i didnt.. i had the ticket and evrything. parents woudlent let me go...I'm going to a third day concert soon, though. That'll be cool.
10. 10 interests --> Soccer, Music, Guitars, Emo pants, Photography, Cooking, Coloring books, Photoshop, Web Design, and Singing really loud in your room with the music turned on full blast
11. hobbies --> Soccer, Pretending i can play guitar, and Photography
12. AT LEAST 3 clear pictures of yourself --> i can NEVER put pics without screwing somthing up, so yeah. just go to my webshots.. >


<3 Lil.


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alright kids..we have 10 members now...everyone who puts up an app after this entry must be voted in. so if you like them, vote yes. if not, vote no. majority rules.

ANYWHO i hope you're lives are all going wonderfully! oh and btw, can we please chill on the advertising? kthnx.

your loving mod,