gooniefanatic (gooniefanatic) wrote in ______visual,

To this weeks theme!

cheers to this weeks
Me Kaitlin (ur mod!) and Alexis on halloween!

Sarah, me and Tonya just being stupid

The following are last day of school pics... so sad!

Kaitlin, Aubrey, Jennifer, Emily, Jordan Anna and Alexis

Anna, Courtney, Adam, Sammy, Jordan Emily, Alexis, Alex, Aubrey, Joe and Kaitlin

Aubrey and Alexis

Jaime and Corey

Mitch, Zach, Doug and Corey

Anna and Kaitlin

Aubrey VAnessa and Sarah

All the guys at Powder Puff Get'n Low baby!

the JAck and Will pose, from Alexis and Me

Kaitlin w/ her funny faces!

Alexis, Me and Amanda as the three stooges!

Sorry there arn't more pics but my camera sucks and most of the good pics didn't turn out my camera doesn't capture movement well and i forgot to clean it, so it's blurry. I'm hoping to have a get together soon and maybe then, I will have more pics.
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