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what? a theme?

whats this? a theme? well, im a mod, so i say go along with it!

thats this past friday, my friends emily and gaby hanging around.

me hanging upside down on the monkey bars.

me and my friend emily singing to the last song at homecoming!

me being seductive at dairy queen...w00t w00t...j/k

thats me playing the saxophone and my neighbor listening. it was right before a football game, hence the marching band shirt.

theres my friends at the game later that night.

theres me at that game...ha ha

me and my neighbor being the gangsters we truly are.

my friends melanie and stephanie [Unknown LJ tag]
my friends lauren and melissa at a football game.

okay...i think thats enough!

sorry thats such a bad picture...its after a game...all the marching band nerds will know what im talking about.

sorry its a lame theme, but this community was as good as dead.
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