October 14th, 2004

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1. name: Randall William Blackburn.. or Randy
2. age:16
3. location: the 239..
4. gender:male
5. marital status (picture?).. open
6. favorite bands (no more than 10)>>> please... dont make me.. ghrr.. brandnew.. dashboard.. deathcabforcutie.. tbs..
7. favorite books: perks of being a wallflower
8. favortie movies: eternal sunshine of the spotlessmine.. office space..starwars..nurse betty..10things i hate about your. night at the roxbury..boondock saints..empire records..
9. last show/concert you went to: some local show in cape.
10. 10 interests.. computers.. being a geek.. pretting up
11. hobbies-computers
12. AT LEAST 3 clear pictures of yourself

(no subject)

alright kids..we have 10 members now...everyone who puts up an app after this entry must be voted in. so if you like them, vote yes. if not, vote no. majority rules.

ANYWHO i hope you're lives are all going wonderfully! oh and btw, can we please chill on the advertising? kthnx.

your loving mod,